Only 50/100 points even though all tests passed

I have a grader error in Course 4 Week 1 Assignment 1. It shows that I only have 50 out of 100 points even though all tests are passed.

I reported this issues already several times!

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The same happened to me. I saw all successful outcomes on the test cells but got only 50 points out of 100. I got some of ungraded optional questions wrong but I believe those are excluded from grading.
I reported this issue yesterday but have not received any responses yet. Please help!

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Maybe these ungraded questions are somehow used to calculate the points even though it shouldn’t be like that … in that case it would make sense that we only get half of the points


They need to fix the issue then. I hope they do that sooner.

The unit tests do not catch all possible errors in your code.

The optional assignments have no impact on your grade or score.


Hi, this happened to me as well but i rechecked my code i found some errors that are validated by the Test scripts. i submitted again and i got a 100/100.

Check your code again, verify the casting options of the variables and check the dimensions of your arrays.

Well, even though the unit tests do not catch all possible errors, how is it possible to have ALL tests passed but get only 50 out of 100 points. I don’t understand which kind of smaller errors there could be which affect the grading that much.

Agreed. Unit test passed but does it not guarantee passing the assignment? It may require too many efforts to find out small errors which I don’t know where they occurred in many lines of code.

I totally agree with you. “All tests passed” should mean that we passed the assignment.

You are missing Tom’s point. The “All Tests Passed” messages means that the unit tests in the notebook all passed. But Tom’s point is that those tests don’t catch all possible errors. Yes, they could do better, but we have to deal with them as they are. We have reported this as a bug, but writing good test cases is not as easy as you might think.

One error I know of that is not caught by the tests in the notebook is forgetting to use the stride on the pool forward function.

I did not want to sound disrespectful and I am sure that writing good tests is not that easy (I never thought it was) and that all of you do a great job.

But you have to understand that it is confusing for us to get this “all tests passed” message in all the units but still do not pass the assignment.

I know that it is not easy at all to write test code. I have been very satisfied with this series of specialization and detailed guide for assignments. But as this is the first time I come up with about “unit test passed but no pass for the assignment”, I was frustrated. If you help us pass this assignment with the current submission, I would appreciate it much.

One important thing to check is that you have correctly taken the stride into account when you compute vert_start and horiz_start in both the conv_forward and pool_forward cases. The test cases do not catch it if you make some of the possible mistakes in this regard.

What it means is that some of your functions do not work correctly for the tests that the grader uses.

Check if you have h*stride and w*stride instead of h and w for your v_start,v_end…etc.


thank you, i had this problem in my code. :slight_smile:

Hello. I had the same problem. It turns out that my implementation passed the checks included in the file but didn’t pass the checks when it goes to the grader.
My problem was I had only solved for a stride of one as opposed to all possible strides.
I think the grader tests with other strides and not one

What is the solution to this problem? please tell

The unit tests do not catch all possible errors in your code.
Most often the problem is with how you use the stride value.