Course 4 Week 1 Assignment 1: 50/100

Hi, I have submitted the required assignments for grading, but only obtained 50/100. I understand that the rest of the sections on backprop are optional, and are not graded?

Please advise, thanks.

The optional part of the assignment is not graded.
It has no impact on your score.

Thanks. I have checked thru my codes and noted that i have the “All tests passed!” message for all the graded portions.

Please advise if I am missing anything?

The unit tests do not catch all possible errors in your code. So “All tests passed” does not prove your code is perfect.

Right! One particular bug that the tests in the notebook do not catch is not including the stride value in your calculations in both conv_forward and pool_forward. In the pool_forward case, carefully check your output values in the stride = 2 test case. They all need to agree.