Open labNotebook to colab

I downloaded file which contains a 1 notebook with ext. Ipynb
And helper file with ext. Py
And i need open it in Colab
Always make error

Where does it say that will work? What’s the matter with running things on the course website? You probably need to download a lot more files than just the notebook and a few “dot py” files to make that work. But you have not told us which course or assignment you are talking about. Here’s another recent thread about someone doing this in one of the DLS courses which has some additional information that may be relevant.

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Ur link that shared is the same proplem in the same course untill now i cant solve it

What is the error you are getting? You could use that other thread to discuss this, since they have already made some progress over there. Did you actually read the posts over there including my question about the “current working directory” issue?

Yes i read it and i try all things but without benefits

Ok, what is the error you are seeing? What output did you get from the “pwd” command?