OpenAI account Terminated after using trulens library!

Story in a nutshell. I am doing the “Building and Evaluating Advanced RAG” course. On the 3rd task I tested the Window-context RAG locally with my OpenAI API key + true_eval evaluation. Note, I used the same pdf and question list as in the course. I didn’t use the API before , only chatGPT. I even added 5$ to get better RPM for the trulens. Night after I received the termination account email

We have determined that you or a member of your organization are using the OpenAI API in ways that violate our policies.

Again, I used the API once for this course and received ban after it. I suspect trulens violate the policy of usage for get api (maybe they updated them)? I would suggest a HUGE disclaimer in the course, because I can’t get my access back for several days. The account support there is pretty slow :frowning: