Openai support seems non-existent

During the wee hours on 13 Jul, someone charged up my openai billing through my soft limit of $20. The only key I recall having outstanding was in the st cache on streamlit’s site I did make the mistake of not cycling the keys enough.

BUT THAT IS NOT MY POINT. My point is I have emailed, sent several chat messages starting on July 14. Since then crickets. Does anyone work there that cares about the customers? It’s not like I mind paying. I pay for $20/mo subscription to chatgpt as well as the APIs. My frustration is the lack of ANY human feedback letting me know they’ve seen my request or what they think. At least use tools to backtrack what happened and explain it. The business decision of a refund is after this. It is frustrating and since then I find myself not wanting to use openai. Rather moving to HF and trying out llama-2 because I feel abandoned by openai…

Just wondering if others see this issue about how openai handles billing issues. Thank you.