Opportunity for remote expert role - NLP project

Hello everyone,
I’m a consultant, and I received a request to quote for an NLP project. I look for someone who could provide technical guidance in a remote way to complete the implementation.
I have not completed an end-to-end implementation yet. I’m in course 3 of the MLOps specialization, and this project looks like a Capstone project at the end of the 4th course.
I would like to have someone in a sort of expert/mentorship role who could guide the critical steps in the implementation without doing the heavy lifting, which I will do in terms of programming. I am planning to use TFX as it has been presented in the MLOps specialization, and have to add the solution of some cloud providers.
I imagine that the implementation could take one month, and it would start mid- or late August. I’m still in the quotation stage, so it is still a possibility and not something sure.
If you are interested please, let me know, and send me your fees per hour. My email address is scruz@pukara-research.cl
Thanks in advance.

Hi. I am just asking if you topic is interesting. If you would like to share the topic with me, I would like to try it with other framework or library.

Hello, thanks for your interest. I imagine the solution as a mix of multi-class text classification, named entity recognition and some regex to extract phones and IDs. The data is coming from emails.

Hi, I am just asking. Is the dataset available publicly?

No, it is not.

If you use Pytorch, you may just use a pre-trained named entity recognition model with Nodejs with Python or Torch-Serve.

You may use the model for pre-training if you have the dataset. You may be able to train it to extract the Phone and ID.

I suggest using a Bert model since it is good at text classifier.
I think it won’t be too complicated for this project, and 3 days to 5 days should be done.

Thanks for your comments.
Have a good weekend