Paragraphing issue on the response of the Chatbot

Having the issue that i can’t paragraph the response of my bot in a nice way. I would like to have paragraphs after each enumeration.

Link to the bot


Tried to integrate a system prompt that tells it to paragraph the answer, so far it did not work

have you tryed:
“Separate each number with a paragraph.”?
in my examples it works

The problem is that we have numbers as answers (phone numbers) where this should not happen

what about:
" Separate each number with a paragraph unless the number is bigger than 20" (considering that you can maybe have some instructions with 20 steps, or if you have lada in your telephone numbers this works:
" Separate each number with a paragraph, if the number is bigger than 20 or the number begins with “+” character don´t separate from paragraph"
i made an example adding a paragraph like yours and adding phone numbers, it worked in both cases :slight_smile: