[Patenting AI] Experience & Best Practices

Hi there,

I recently stumbled across an interesting video that is about whether and how AI can be patented in Europe.

I wanted to ask you:

  • if you have experience on your own regarding filing AI patents,
  • if you know good public sources on this matter
  • or if you have best practices for filing patents on machine learning at international patent offices.

I would be especially interested in the Automotive & IoT context and would like to encourage an active exchange on this topic.

Thanks in advance!

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Found here an article, incl. 10 best practices on patenting AI: 10 Best Practices for Artificial Intelligence Related Intellectual Property | Inside Tech Media

Side note: here is also an interesting nature article on a related matter: Tracking artificial intelligence in climate inventions with patent data | Nature Climate Change

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Thank you for your research about this topic and sharing the information!
I always engaged with a professional patent lawyer to file IP (in my previous works which were largely computational image analysis and applied Math works)‚Ķnever tried to file on my own to save the energy and time so that I can focus on my Research. Unti ‚ÄėProvisional application‚Äô work will be larghely seamless but after that shall start the real test in the form of numerous iterations.
Let me know how you are planning to pursue this

Hi @tennis_geek,

thanks for your feedback and hints!

Here some recently published patent application for an early warning system for EV batteries, utilizing a variational autoencoder for predictive maintenance, where I also could contribute a bit.

I can also provide an update, if the patent for this or some related family would be granted.

Recently in Germany an interesting article was published which also addresses certain issues within the patent office processes for digital innovations.

I believe it’s a really interesting topic.
It remains exciting!

Best regards

Hi @Christian_Simonis
Very happy for you & Wish you all the best for the application!
Yes, will be very happy to hear about the progress!
Haven’t gone through the german weblink you quoted but will take a look soon.
Am applying for some grants and busy with applications.
Will keep you posted if you are interested!
Let’s stay in touch!
PS: I dont have Linkedin

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Hi @tennis_geek

glad to see that a US patent was recently granted for this method and device for operating an electrically drivable motor vehicle where a probabilistic correction model improves a (physical) domain model for time series prediction and predictive maintenance of an electric vehicle.

If fellow learners or mentors have some best practices for filing patents on machine learning, I would be highly interested for input, hints or relevant sources.

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Hi @Christian_Simonis
Read your patent with interest. The figures are really crisp and self-explanatory…though I am not an authority in this discipline or for that matter patent filing :grinning:…I could understand the core idea.
Only input I could think of is:
It is always better & safe to break down the core idea into multiple sub-ideas and file sub-patent for each of these. In that way, a robust parent-child patent framework is built around the core idea. Hope it is relevant and is of some help.

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I guess this is a smart approach. Thanks for sharing!

In the meanwhile I am glad two more US patent were granted recently:

Best regards