Permission Denied:gcloud.anthos.config.controller.create

Hi everyone,
I am new to this community, and hope to find help for the following problem:

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Problem statement:

I am following the tutorial on Deploying Management cluster | Kubeflow on Google Cloud Platform

and when I get to the part

make create-cluster

I get an error for SSD quote issue: “SSD_TOTAL_GB”: request requires ‘300.0’ and is short ‘50.0’. project has a quota of ‘250.0’ with ‘250.0’ available"

Thus I change the location from region: us-east1 to zone: us-east1-c

but then I get another error
(gcloud.anthos.config.controller.create) PERMISSION_DENIED: Location us-east1-c is not found or access is unauthorized.

May I get any tips from you?

Hello @Ivan_Xie
Check Project Permissions, Verify Billing Accounts, and Check Quota Limits.
Check out more on setting out the project here: Setting up GCP Project | Kubeflow on Google Cloud Platform

You can also try listing available zones and select one with sufficient quota and appropriate permissions for your project:
gcloud compute zones list --filter="region:us-east1"

Thank you Isaak!