Personal Learning Issue

I am completing my second course from Deep Learning Specialization. But with every video, so many questions arise into my mind. And I kept searching for their answers. Most of the time I am able to get those answers but this a very time-consuming process. And for every video I am spending one night. Still after completing that video, I feel not fully confident with the fear of forgetting what I have learnt already.

I need some guidance from most respected honorable senior professors, colleague.

Naeem .

Hi @Syed_Muhammad_Naeem , despair not! Move on! And if something is not fully understood, repeat it, and make sure that you do all the exercises. I was also, and still am, feeling that I was going so slow in each topic. Sometimes it took me more than it is taking you, and sometimes I had to repeat a few times to understand better. As long as you move on, and do the exercises, and review what you don’t fully understand, you’ll get ahead and finish your specialization. It is something new, with many new concepts, so it is normal to feel numb sometimes, but if you continue with discipline and make sure that every step is properly taken, you will advance. At your rythm - that’s the only rythm that matters :slight_smile:



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I am also struggling. The amount of information is overwhelming. I do not think the way the course is developed it is possible to fully grasp this information with the one or two labs that each week has. But I have now taken 5 courses and they are building an understanding inside me. When I struggle with the labs I google the code that I am struggling with - usually the documentation for that function will come up. I often need an example to show to me the syntax and form of the code and that helps me to understand enough to pass the lab. I have started using Not to cheat - but to answer questions I have - or to show an example similar to what I am building to give me the hint I need to get a working answer.

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Thankyou sir, truly your words are truly relieving and breath of fresh air to me. I will keep reading your reply whenever I will feel down.

Thankyou for taking out time and replying.


Yes sir, same here I started discussing, questioning building scenarios with gpt. It comes very handy when you have someone who could answer your queries right away. But maybe the knowledge sometimes gets overwhelming.

Thankyou for your kind words and taking out time to reply, it really matter.