Just a curious question

Hey all, I’m Narayan and I’m currently doing the second course in MLS.

So I was just wondering what you guys do when you are frustrated from not being able to figure out things and when stuck, confused with conceptual stuff.

I currently am passing through a similar phase I believe, so please let me know your thoughts on this, it might be helpful for me and others with similar conditions.


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Hi @Narayan_Pradhan ,

Learning new concepts takes time. If you are stuck, or some course material you are not sure of, do:

  1. revisit the lecture videos
  2. write a post to the discussion forum.
    Within each course of a specialization, there is destinated discussion forum. You can also search by topic or assignment on the forum to see what other learners have experienced.
    The learning community here is very supportive.

Hi, @Narayan_Pradhan !

What I normally do is trying to figure out a coherent explanation that I can check, say, how convolutional kernels are applied in conv layers. Then I check if I am right or not numerically, as I can verify it with pytorch or tensorflow.

Please, post your doubt and let the community do the magic :wink:

I found myself struggling with one of the concepts in the first course. I had understood everything incredibly easily up to that point and felt frustrated that I didn’t grasp it right away. I took a break for the evening and revisited it the next day. I still didn’t quite grasp it, but I rewatched the videos and did the optional labs after it carefully reading everything and examining the code. I’m not sure what it was, but it clicked after going over it a couple times.

Sometimes you just need to take a break and come back to it. At least that’s my experience.

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