PhD vs industry

I finished some courses from DeepLearning.AI and really liked DL. I would like to become a research scientist, but I don’t have enough knowledge for now. Is it better to start PhD right away, or maybe to work in the industry for a couple of years to gain some knowledge about applied AI and then go for research?

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In my opinion, as you are aiming to become a researcher, then it will be better for you to start with a Ph.D. in AI. Indeed, working in the industry will gain you a lot of knowledge and experience and will also enhance your skills. However, this knowledge and experience will be bounded and limited to the requirements of your work. In addition, companies in the industries mostly care about the productivity of the work and less about the research side. This means you will always be bounded by what your company needs you to do. On the other hand, research positions, like Ph.D. provide a much wider range of freedom to gain knowledge and experience of the topic you are interested in without any boundaries or limitations and so it is a much better choice to begin if you wanna be a researcher in the future.