Post your best (and worst) AI jokes!

Congratulations on making it to course 2 of the Deep Learning specialization! By now you are well on your way to becoming a AI practitioner, and have probably gained enough understanding to enjoy or frown upon AI related jokes and memes. Please share your best and worst AI jokes here with the community!



Would love to see more jokes/memes!

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Not a joke, but an insightful comment from Patrick Winston back in the 1980s (he was MIT AI Lab director at the time). This is from my memory, I can’t find a referenceable version!

Artificial Intelligence is programming when there is something important we don’t understand about either the problem being solved, or the way we are solving it. If we did understand them, we’d call it Computer Science instead.


Found this in deeplearning meme group



Again not a joke, but some insight: some years ago, Prof Ng was recorded lecturing at Stanford when he said" Neural Networks are not something that I personally use a lot".

You may enjoy watching around that quote for some of his explanations. For context, this was 2008.


hehe I remember that :slight_smile:

Around that time, or maybe a bit later, cs229 at Stanford from Andrew was so nice! (watched it on youtube – several times) .

The lectures about support vector machines were hardcore, I found it funny to hear him say at the end of week3 that back propagation was the most difficult math in machine learning, after having seen him explain SVM with all the dual space stuff ^^. Don’t get me wrong, backprop is difficult but SVMs… wow.

well these days aren’t we all looking for any decent GPU ? (all these bitcoin miners are killing the industry !)

Saw this xkcd AI comic today


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Quite tempted to make myself a batch-man suit for Halloween this year.