[Practice Quiz] Why my answer is incorrect? Also discussing Fallacy

So we have we have total 100 persons, 50 of them have fever and 50 of them headaches.

My option was incorrect, because I was thought them to be disjoint since this couldn’t be the case. I mean an ill person could have multiple symptoms. Also generally when we have fever we also have headaches.

I believed that it would be a disjoint by default, is it what we call Fallacy?

Hi @tbhaxor!

I wouldn’t say this is a fallacy but rather a popular convention we use in daily life. It is usual to refer to “OR” statements as disjoint in several cases in our speech. We just have to be careful when dealing with scientific procedures where these difference will make a great impact in the outcome.


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What exactly would be fallacy related to this example? Can you give me an example?