Predicting climate change impacts


I am working on a project to create a model to predict the temporal probability of extreme climate events like flooding, wildfires, cyclones, droughts, tornadoes etc. for given location.

I would like to know your views on -

(a) What could be best model that could be used to predict such events for a given location in short term, mid term and long term?

(b) What would be features you would recommend to use e.g. x1, x2, …, xn meteorological data for wildfires?

(c) What could be a good source of quality data?

(d) Can the feature be used to predict for factual and counter factual worlds? etc.


1, The best source of data would be Metrological departments of respective governments
2, Each type of dissimilar events may have typical model e.g. frequently flooding places may not have drought like situation very often, that’s my view