"Print"/save as PDF

I can’t find a way to either print the executed notebook or save it as a PDF file.

The interface and options have changed from the previous short courses.

Thank you

@lspironello …if you are on Chrome if you go to ‘print’ you should see the 'save as PDF option; Yet if you want to be more sophisticated there are better options like ‘Gofullpage’ or ‘Fireshot’.

But I am not sure why you are not just downloading the .ipynb ?

Hi @Nevermnd. Thank you for replying. In the past courses I was able to do that. I cannot do that with this course. In the past I would go to File->Open and then perform a slew of actions, i.e. download the files, execute the entire notebook and then select “Print” from the menu. I cannot do that at this time. If I attempt to use the “Print” menu item in Brave/Chrome(etc), I received the normal pop-up for print and the preview pane displays 2 blank pages.

I do download the .ipynb file.
I want a PDF which also contains the output of each executed cell. It is much easier for me to read.

I think those tools are not available for the free Short Courses.

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Could be possible-- I myself have tried to save my progress but am not much interested in ‘copy/paste’.

It has worked for ever other short course. This is the only one where I cannot find File->Open or File->Print or print a PDF from the browser.

Interesting. I have no idea what’s up with that.

It is very frustrating, because the only option is to cut and paste then entire completed notebook.

If you really want to have a fun time-- Recall, if you have access on your end, you basically have all the context or related HTML. So you can just download the source. Or, in a completely different case I tried a few months ago, you can ship the raw source to GPT-4 and tell it to strip out all the unrelated tags. I mean of course you have to know what tags you are looking for… But it did a pretty good job. IMHO LLMs are really good at specifically acting on an automated task if you really know what you are doing (or asking it) – Though not so great if you don’t anticipate what the answer is. Yet I still think there is an easier method for what you are seeking.

I tried the following:
I select View->File Browser
In the File Browser, 2 tabs are displayed, File and Running.
I select running. It displays the current running notebook.
I select the running notebook from the list.
I then select Kernel->Restart Kernel and Run All Cells.
When the notebook has completed execution I then attempted to use the Print option from the browser itself. It only prints one page and not the entire document.
I don’t know how to get the entire page. Selecting the Print
option from the browser should render the entire document, but it is not.