Running Jupyter notebooks of course in personal laptop


I am trying to run the jupyter notebook presented in the short course “Preprocessing Unstructured Data for LLM Applications” but i am unable to do so. I am facing issues (one after another) with the import of libraries and it takes a lot of time to resolve them.

Are there any instructions on how to set the environment for running the provided notebook on my personal laptop?

No, there aren’t. The short courses are intended to be run on the DLAI platform.

You’ll have to sort out all of the version compatibilities yourself.

Is there a way to know the versions of the packages used?

Here’s a thread that gives some guidance and in particular shows how to get the versions. Note that is for the normal course notebooks and I’ve never looked at the Short Courses, so don’t know if there are any substantial differences in how they are set up. But as Tom says, there are no complete instructions. It’s just too complicated and there are too many variations to cover.

Thanks Tom and Paul.