Error executing code

i’m trying the code on my notebook.
DLAI_API_KEY and DLAI_API_URL are correctly set, i received the email: if i place a print() i can read the correct values; so
s = UnstructuredClient(
s should be correctly set, i’m trying on CoT.pdf downloaded in local.
when my code reach the line
resp = s.general.partition(req)
It causes error, code jumps in the catch and print
API error occurred: Status 404
{“detail”:“Not Found”}

Hello @ralessi61

Did you download all the files required you to run the assignment on your local Jupyter notebook?


If you mean pip install, yes, it requires Python 3.11 and pip install -r requirements.txt is working without errors

no I mean the metadata files or utils files

Yep, with View File browser

@Mubsi, can you please have a look at this.

I suppose @ralessi61 you need register on the unstructured to get an API of your own to try on your local Jupyter notebook


Hi @ralessi61,

As Deepti mentioned, in order to run the notebook locally, you need to have your own API key, which you can get from here.


My own key and url placed since first message