API Key and API URL to use

I have generated my API Key from the website - https://unstructured.io/

and I assure that the API URL = ‘https://unstructured.io/

Please correct me if that is a wrong assumption.

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Hello @Surobhi_Deb

Can we know what is the issue? As far as I know short courses and especially the assignment you are talking about API key will be provided by the Course programmer. You just need to make sure you have downloaded all the metadata or utils file required you to run the assignment.

If this is unrelated to the above issue, then kindly share image on what kind of issue or doubt you are having.


Hello. That’s right, when you register you will receive an email with the API key and the SDK URL.

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I have registered on unstructured.io under the SaaS API. For some reason my API code never arrives. The unstructured website says “API Key will arrive by email in 15 mins” but I never receive an email.


I did not receive any API key on registering for the course.
But I created one myself and used it for the purpose of the course.
I was able to run all my codes using this API.


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Hmm… can’t see the SDK URL. I’m guessing that’s why my API key is listed as missing (when it isn’t - just in there as an environment variable)?

Update: I suspected something, tried it and then solved my question (and potentially that from the OP) - commented out the ‘API URL’ lines.

Hi Surobhi - I haven’t received any email with key.

How did you generate the KEY? When I go to Unstructured, I am asked to enter a questionnare and I havent heard back from them after that.

What am I missing here?