Preprocessing Unstructured Data for LLM Applications

My question is around the following piece of code: from Utils import Utils
utils = Utils()

DLAI_API_KEY = utils.get_dlai_api_key()
DLAI_API_URL = utils.get_dlai_url()

When i try to pip install Utils it shows a github link but the following package does not have the correct Utils sub package.

Anyone else facing this issue and how did you resolve it?

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Praveen Hosdrug

s = UnstructuredClient(

Utils is probably provided in the notebook folder - not installed via pip.

Very few of DLAI’s courses use public packages.

Thank you @TMosh , I found the utils package when i went on the jupyter labs view, but the requirements.txt, example_files and images were not downloadable … Could you please advice?

I don’t have any advice about the Short Courses. Sorry.

Hi @praveenhosdrug1

has your issue been resolved, if no kindly let us know and also refer the other post where you raise the same query and response has been made by the staff and me.

Sorry for the delayed response.


Yes, Thank you!

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What about the env variables


Where should we get these?

Dlai API keys and URL are not provided for short courses. Sorry. in case you want to run in your local environment, you will require to get your own API keys


Looks like these keys are made available (invisibly) to the users when they run the code through notebooks on course website of itself. Students are not expected to create/populate an .env file with these keys. The keys seem to be auto populated for us.

It would be good to clearly and explicitly document that. May be it is - I didn’t find it when I attempted to search.

I am new to In most of the courses on the web, users are expected to get their own keys and I was searching for where to get these keys.

You have commented on another thread about going to Unstructured website, and that is where you can get the api key, I will share a thread which mentions comment by Mubsi from where to get