AttributeError: 'RetryConfig' object has no attribute 'config'

When i call the unstructured API for PDF preprocessing i always get this error after about 15m run. can someone help me? thanks in advance


Please share the error screenshot

hi @Deepti_Prasad ,thanks for your reply. here is the screenshot

Hi @bkapmouo

I suppose you are running the assignment codes locally,

so next question, have you downloaded all the files required to do in your local Jupiter environment.

Next even if you have downloaded, this course using API from which you would require to register in case you want to run locally.

you can get that from the below website.

but basically your error tells it is looking config files which would come with the utils files or metadata file from the course, which used api from the link I shared but dlai won’t share their api with learners. if you want, you need to get an api yourself from the website.

I am sharing a similar thread discussion, which will help you understand the issue. Go through all the comments in the below thread.


@Deepti_Prasad, thanks for the reply. I am indeed working locally and i have downloaded all the necessary files. I have also created an api key on the unstructured website. and have downloaded everything that is in the requirement.txt file. maybe i am missing something . I’ll take a break and look at it again next week with a fresh eye and let you know.

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Ok if that’s the case then according to your error, its telling the configuration is not able to work because of connection request with the url, so are working offline on the local jupyter??