The discussion about lecture on Introduction to on-device AI

I am new to AI no IT background but interested in AI has already install jupiter notebook but there are still many liabraries has to instal as in lecture codes run but i cannot run that separately please anyone guide and help

For the DLS course, you do not need to set up your own jupyter notebook service. All of the DLS courses use a notebook environment that runs in your browser.

You do not need to install anything for the DLS course.

Note that if your question is about the “on-line device AI” course, then you should post in its forum (not in the DLS course forum).

The short course forums are here:

yes i have seen that notebook environment in that all codes are running but when i tried to do it by self for practise and better understanding i want to learn everything by scratch and want to run my model please suggest something as i cannot found anything related to this on youtube please guide me

ok sure

Hi @MishaKainat25 I would suggest to spent more time learning and understanding python, working with machine learning might not be as enjoyable as it could be if you don’t understand how to write python code or run libraries, my suggestion would be start working on python and spent more time trying to learn the basic, then move to data science topics that are cover in the machine learning specialization and do some kaggle tutorials, this would help you to understand and have a feeling of working with data, once you have more experience start working locally so you understand what can you do and what things you need to run on the cloud, then you might be ready to go back to deep learning specialization.

It might feel a lot but remember this journey takes time but you can enjoy your process and do great things in every step.

I hope this helps!

Thankyou sir for your guidance. I have learnt basic python from youtube chanel and i easily understand that codes but in the lecture the codes are predefined and using qai- hub and qai hub model that cannot install in pc because i have python 3.12 and other liabriaries i am also installing that but that types of codes are bit difficult to understand needs a mentor to guide when i ever i stuck there. please suggest me any site or youtube channel i can learn all other things neccessary to build my basic i want to do masters in artificial intelligence
please help sir i will be thankful to you

Yes, I think you still need some python courses that shows you how to deal with enviroment and install dependencies. My suggestion is to take some beginner friendly python and data science course if you want to run things locally.

I took this course a while ago and it help me to get started with some of the stuff you are struggling, it is a paid course but there are a lot of stuff out there for free that can also help you

Giles McMullen-Klein – Instructor | 365 Data Science

I recommend you attend the Machine Learning Specialization. It will give you all of the background you need.

ok thankyou sir but how much it cost ? can you please guide me for this

I provided the link in my previous response

ok thankyou very much sir