Probability Distributions / Naive Bayes / C3_W1_Assignment.ipynb

I have the following error and can not open my lab, please help and suggest to me:
404 : Not Found

You are requesting a page that does not exist!

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Hi @Gul_Wali_Shah

Looks like a temporary issue.

Check if your have any VPN or Antivirus installed and disable temporally a try to access the lab again.

Also, check if your network connection is stable.

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If you had renamed the lab notebook file, you’ll have to use the Help menu to get a new copy.


Do I need to rename my Assignment or not?

Best Regards

If you can’t open the lab, then your notebook file is already gone.
So to start over, try this:

Use the Help menu.
Use the “Get latest version” button.
The use Help - Reboot server.
Then you should be able to load the notebook.

Thank you :blush: