Probelms with Submitting


I am having issues with submitting all of my coding assignments of the course. I have worked on all of the assignments and when trying to submit, I always run into the same kind of error. When using Firefox, the notebook is graded but I get a score of 0/10, although of the tests cells return “Success” and there seems to be no other issue with code. I am not saying my code is perfect, but I would not expect that everything is incorrect. Or, when using Google Chrome, I get a time-out on the grading. Again, I want to empathize that this happens for all of my notebooks.

I did not find any thread in the forum discussing the exact same issue. Any ideas what might be going with my notebooks and how to fix it?

Best, L.

Given that this happens on all your notebooks, the thing to suspect is some sort of IT problem on your side. E.g. some A/V software on your computer or firewall/proxy on your local area net is blocking some of the network APIs that communicate with the grader. Can you show us what you see when you click the “Show grader output” link?

If you are submitting from a work or school network where there are probably tighter security policies, it would be worth trying again from a different network, e.g. at home or on a public WiFi at a coffee shop or library. If you’re already at home, then maybe try a different computer or a tablet. Note that both FireFox and Chrome should work in general (I use Chrome on MacOS), but it’s also possible you have configured your “plugin” policies to be too restrictive.