Problem in Week 1 Assignment


In the exercise 6 of the week 1 assignment I have seen something that I think is not correct. When I am going to check the anomalies in the serving dataset, I think there sould be a cell of code to define the new shema for this dataset. Because of that, when I execute the last cell seen in the attached screenshot, the output says “No anomalies found.”. However, the output should indicate some anomalies to be corrected in the next notebook cells.

The final grade I got was 100% because I suppose the code is ok.

I don’t know if I am right, but I would like to clarify it to see if I learned the concepts perperly, and, if there is any mistake, help to correct it.

If there is another place to report some possible erros, please let me know.

Thank you so much and best regards.

Hello @Enrique_lluesma ,

Welcome to discourse and thanks for your question.
You are right that in this part the given anomalies should be listed, so something
I do not see a mistake in the code snippet you shared, so I believe the issue is somewhere in the code above or maybe you did run other cells below already which modified the schema and therefore prevented the anomalies to occur in exercise 7.
If you did not run any code below exercise 7 when this issue occurred, I suggest you check the following items:

  • definition of the schema under exercise 3
  • the calculate_and_display_anomalies function in exercise 5

Hopefully this helps you to find the solution and if you need more help , pls let me know (you could also send me privately the code snippets you have in the first exercises and I’ll have a look at them).
After solving the problem, could you please remove the code snippet from your question above? This is because we should avoid posting code solutions in the forums to respect the Honour Code.

Thanks and best of luck!


Hello @mjsmid ,

First of all, sorry for the late response and for posting the code solution.

I have reviewed the exercises you told me, and I made a mistake defining the calculate_and_display_anomalies function as you suggested me. Now it’s working properly.

PD: I cannot modify my first message in the post, so I cannot remove the screenshot.

Thank you so much.