Problem opening programming assignment week 3

The page appeared blank, only the Coursera heading and the help button showed.
I thought it was my internet connection but I have changed to different networks and tried again but it still results to the same outcome.
And I cannot find a way out to do the assignment.

I am using chrome.

Hi @Yakubu ,
Have you tried some options like:

  • Close/open the browser and try again.
  • Do a logout/login
  • Try with another browser. If it works, maybe you have some issues with cache or your browser
  • Have you had success if you try to load another assignment?

Wow, Thank you @carlosrl !
I just tried with different browser and it has worked.

But unfortunately, I cannot find the submit button after finishing the assignment

Hi @Yakubu
Maybe this link can help you
Keep learning!

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