Problem with the evaluation of the assignment of the week 2

When I send my assignment of week 2, I received this message:
‘There was a problem grading your submission. Check stderr for more details.’

Can someone help me?

I get this results:

loss: 0.0042 - accuracy: 0.7822

So I don´t know where is the problem…


Hi @aniii_28030

Please ensure that your notebook is up-to-date and any modifications made are limited to the designated areas (between YOUR CODE HERE comment).

does the assignment mentions what is the minimum accuracy for your model to pass??

Although as the other mentor mentioned you also need to make sure write codes between the assigned marks, there could also be issue with your model.


An accuracy of at least 0.6 and a loss less than 0.1 is required to pass this task.

Hi @aniii_28030

The assignment were updated few months back related to tensorflow version, at the end of assignment, there is a cell which provides you information about the same, make sure you followed that to pass the test.

Let me know if the issue still persisted, also I shared a link which provides you all the threads related to the week assignment you are doing, you will find solutions there too.