Problem with the final assignment

Hi everyone,

When I submit my assignment “Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors” on the week 4, I had the following error:

There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
name 'P' is not defined

What might cause this? The variable P does not even begin with the 1st exercise, but only with the 4th…:melting_face:

I am seeing the same issue. @alexmaszanski were you able to resolve it?

Not yet​:smiling_face_with_tear: But I also wrote to the support on the course page, because it does seem strange.

So I used # grade-up-to-here tag in the end of cells I wanted to evaluated. I did it up to the 3rd exercise and received
Failed test case: Object P has incorrect type.. Expected: <class 'numpy.ndarray'>, but got: <class 'NoneType'>.
That’s weird, because I have P = np.array ...

May be the notebook needs a complete reset.
I was able to refresh the notebook and redo the assignment(I saved a copy my finished notebook so I can copy over the answers to the refreshed one)
The grading went through fine.

That’s great! How did you reset the notebook?

In Week1 of this course, there is a reading page on Refreshing the workspace.

Yeah, it’s working! Thank you my man, you made my day!! :hugs:

Had the same issue and you solved it. Thanks!:slight_smile:

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