Problem with the practice lab in week 3: It does not open

Hello, I pressed the button “Work in browser” for the " Programming Assignment: Practice Lab: Advice for Applying Machine Learning". But it does not open - it writes " Preparing your lab…" and stops at 50% and then for more than 10 minutes nothing had changed((

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Watching it. I am facing same issue for Programming Assignment: Practice Lab: Advice for Applying Machine Learning. After few mins at 50% - I get msg - “We’re having trouble preparing your lab. Hit refresh to try again and make sure you’re logged into Coursera.”
My assignment was due on Sep 10, 11:59 PM.
It says that - You can still pass this assignment before the course ends. I hope it is not due to past due date.

I have tried - Lab Help - Update lab to the latest version. And , Reboot server. Nothing helped.

My assignment is due Sep 17, 11:59 PM +04. I think there are some files missing

I am experiencing the same issue.

I cannot open assignments from weeks 2-4, but can still open the week 1 assignment which I have completed. I also tried opening some other new assignments in other courses (which I haven’t opened before), and that’s not working either. Seems to me like there is a general issue opening new assignments.

Upvoting this, and hopefully the Coursera team notices it and applies a fix soon. Thanks!

Same same. Loading the C3W1 assignment is hanging at 50% for me. It seems there is some issue loading the data for the notebooks.

The same problem in week 1, preparing lab stop at 50%, C1W1 assignment.

Same problem here C2W2 assignment.

Same here.

Same here.

I have the same issue. None of the labs in C2 are loading.

Hi everyone. Thank you for reporting! We’ve forwarded it to Coursera so they can investigate. Will update here when I get info

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Hello, please check this out:

Same here. I am facing the same issue.

This is a known issue. Please follow the banner post at the top of the page for updates.
No additional reports are needed.
Closing the thread.