Problem with week 4 lab assignment

I finished all the exercises, and my output is the same as the expected output. However, whenever I tried to submit, it returned “degrees_of_freedom” is not defined, although it must be defined to use other functions.
I tried to use icognito and other web browsers, and even tried to shut down the notebook, but nothing changed.
My notebook id is ccnuivcrwpdf.
Thank you for advices in advance!


Can you please doublecheck if you haven’t forgotten any #grade-up-to-here anywhere before the definition of this function?


Hi Lucas,
I am pretty sure that there is no #grade-up-to-here anywhere before the definition of this function. Plus, I tried to put #grade-up-to-here before and after the degree of freedom cell, and the result shows that if I put the tag before this function, it still evaluated my first exercise, but in the other case, it did not.

@lucas.coutinho Hi Lucas, I’m still stuck with the problem. Can you help me with it?

Adding cells to a notebook is a sure-fire way to make the grader unhappy.

Hi @skysky229!

This shows that there is some issue after the first question. Some cell you are running is making the grader throw an exception. Can you confirm if you can properly run every cell from your notebook? That no single cell throws any exception?


I tried reset the notebook, then copy & paste my old solution to the new notebook, and somehow it worked. Thanks guys!