Problem with zip file

When I try running the last block of code to make a zip file, it keeps throwing an error saying saliencycat1.jpg not found. I double checked my saliency code, but I think something is wrong with maybe saving the image? Rest works fine, could someone please help me?

Check where the file is saved, maybe its not in the right directory that why the system is not finding it!

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it is in the right directory though. It runs but the last zip file part says no salient dog, cat found

Joel share the screenshot where it shows the message you are stating, probably it can give us some other hints to know what is going wrong

I changed the last few lines of the do_saliency function and fixed the problem. I have received my course certificate too!! Thank you for the helping hand ma’am.


im having same issue salientcat1.jpg not found i managed a workaround to get it to zip grader cant see it -so haven’t been able to figure it out - ?image incorrectly named ? maybe earlier preprocess or do_salience create function level - that last zip cell should function without adding to it probably - i have code working reasonably well other than that but this is not my most eloquent display of coding - hardest assignment thus far- for me - and concept is most straightforward