Programming Assignment: Multiple Output Models using Keras Functional API

As you can see in the screenshots i am trying to get the wine quality that is between 4 and 8 ,but it just doesn’t seem to work

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In this case you should go in the cells above I think you might have changed something in the df dataframe. Also if need be reset the notebook to its original state. Thats what I could advise at this point.

same issue generating random values instead of constant value after calculation tried . please solve this cell problem

Did you try reseting and doing it from beginning, the problem is most probably with that!

Hello Fahed,

Were you able to solve the issue ?

As per your error log, you need to correct the code in quality interval section. you are probably missing tuple placement in the code if you have followed the proper instructions given just above the code line.

In case you still have the issue, let us know.

Thank You