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I have done some of the DeepLearning.AI certificate/specialization programs. I also have a little bit of work experience building and evaluating machine learning models. I want to update my resume to apply for machine learning engineering jobs. I, unfortunately, can not link to anything in regards to my previous work in my resumes because everything is for research and confidential. So I thought to demonstrate my skills, I would build some models using Kaggle data and then host the code in GitHub and share those in my resume. I am wondering if this is something common for tech jobs. How do people demonstrate their skills? other than mentioning it in their resume? do people often have online portfolios? if so, where do they host?


Hey @Basira_Daqiq,

Well as you mentioned you can create Github account to host your code on it that’s a very common approach so that you can show the quality of your code and problem solving.
Also you can join Kaggle Competitions and showcase your solutions on your profile then link that profile to your resume.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to highlight your skills, certifications, and projects.
Connect with professionals in the field and join relevant groups to expand your network.

All these things can help you demonstrate your skills.

Hi @Basira_Daqiq

Adding further information from @Jamal022 . Besides hosting your code on Github, you should try to demonstrate your skills in web development, deployment, and CI/CD as these are useful skills that you should acquire as an engineer.

When you develop a machine model or project, write a blog post to explain your process. This also helps with networking as you can share these easily on LinkedIn.

You can check out Roboflow and Hugging Face to deploy your models there. You can also level up your skills by incorporating web applications with Streamlit too. It’s good to create your own portfolio websites too, I find Netlify quite convenient since they provide free web hosting and domains as well as manage your website performance insights.

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You can use GitHub actions for deployment. Here two examples, using Jekyll based on Ruby.

Hope that helps!

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Wow. Both of these examples are awesome, but VASTLY different. Say… I created a web application as a portfolio project… I used the MERN stack to learn about CI/CD, deployment, propping up a database, configuring a front and back end to talk to one another… But I’m not sure how to market a portfolio.

Thank you guys for your response. I appreciate it. Very helpful tips and resources.

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