Including labs as projects in your resume

I have done some labs for some of the courses here and would like to include them in my resume. However, the notebook had starter codes in it. So I am wondering how would i cite it?


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I think the right way to do it is use labs as reference to build your own projects. In fact, the recruiters love more a project that solve a real problem instead of a guided one.

To get inspired you can look for some of the common problems where data science is apply:

Keep in mind to just take these as a reference to get inspired

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Thank you both. Now I am thinking of using some image classification datasets from Kaggle and building a model for those. wonder if anyone has opinions about that?

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Yes! It is a good project to practice.

Another good project to work is sentiment analysis on social media. A lot of companies is on social media right now. So, mine opinions on social media it is a good trend