Need Advice on deploying projects

Hello Everyone,

So, I have recently done two out of the three courses of the Machine learning specialization by Prof Andrew NG, and I found them fascinating, but my question is when should I start working on my own projects? should I wait till I finish the specialization or even take more specializations before doing a project, that’s the first question.

Secondly, some of the practice labs in the second course were quite advanced applications and a friend advised me to actually go ahead and upload those labs on my GitHub profile as a sort of mini projects so is it advisable to do so? I want to know what you guys think of that.

last but not the least I was thinking that after finishing the ML specialization a good place to start doing projects would be the short courses here on our lovely platform, I want your advice on this too pourfavor.
Thanks in advance you are really a great community, and I am very happy to be a part of it :white_heart:.

Hi @Ahmed_Ragab_saad

Yes, I think you can start projects any time, for the purpose of practicing what you have learnt. Usually doing a project motivates people to explore and learn more, and that is good.

No, it is not adviced to share your labs. The labs were developed by a company, and you need permissions to share them. In fact, it is generally not allowed.

Are you talking about DLAI’s short courses? As far as I know, they are not project-oriented, but aim to teach something, just like MLS. Some easy places for finding datasets are like Kaggle, UCI machine learning repository, and so you get a dataset, and get started!


The course Code of Conduct does not allow you to share your code for the programming assignments on any repo (unless it is private).

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I mean I will change the whole notebook structure and just take the Neural Network part for example that I built and train it on a bigger dataset, so I am not saying that I will share the lab as it is ofc.

as for the DLAI’s short courses some of them are actually about building a system based on LLM API’s and stuff like that so I guess some of them are project oriented, but correct me if I am wrong.

I see, @Ahmed_Ragab_saad. We cannot discuss here to what extent you can use the lab’s code, because I am not a representative of the company in this matter, and they reserve their rights.

So, the best would be for you to just make the whole notebook yourself. :wink:

Well, why not just see it for yourself! As far as I know, each short course won’t take you more than a few hours to complete. So, you take it, see it, and decide whether it is the kind of project you are looking for? Maybe you are right :wink:

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Thank you so much I will surely do so!

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