Where do i find projects?

Hello everyone. I am looking for some guidance. Help!

I completed the first course of the ML specialization and I’m not sure how to proceed. I know the obvious thing to do would be to move on to the next course, but i would like to practice some more what I learned on the first course.

Are there some projects available on the internet, or are we just supposed to find a dataset from somewhere and do whatever we want with it ?

I tried looking at the projects tab here as well as on Kaggle (supposedly one of the best platforms to learn and practice) but besides the courses I can’t find much. Some of the projects i could find are too advanced for what i currently know.

Maybe i don’t know where to look, or i don’t know what to look for. Please help me in clarifying the situation. Your input is much appreciated.

Tl;dr : I want to practice what i learned, but I don’t know how. Help!

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This thread is a duplicate. I answered in the other thread where you posted this message.

I believe Kaggle has a lot of introductory challenges, which are more like tutorials.

I did a search for “kaggle tutorials”, and found these topics. Maybe you will find these useful.

Or you could search for “kaggle projects for beginners”, and go from there.

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Hi @Coricara

Here i is a good source for ML projects:

I hope this help

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These are mostly Kaggle courses. Their courses have a “lesson” part and a “tutorial” part, which are basically their “lab” equivalent. I have enjoyed going through them, but like the practice labs they are limited.

Keep in mind, I’m not limiting my question to Kaggle projects, but rather asking for ways to improve my proficiency. How does one improve their skills when first starting ?

Thank you for your input.


Thank a lot @elirod. Looks very fun.


Do lots of projects. As you get more experience, you will need less support from published tutorials.


You welcome.

I’m glad to help.

Happy holidays!