Practices and Applications

Hi All,

I’m about to finish the specialization and wonder if anyone can recommend ways to practice or apply what we learn in the courses?

Thank you very much for reading my question!

Hi @TheEighthSunshine

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You can build some personal projects.

Here it is a couple examples:

I hope this help you

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Thank you so much! I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

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@elirod’s pricing plan is way beyond my budget range. Is there any other platform that you recommend for hands-on practices? Thanks a lot for reading my message!

Hi @TheEighthSunshine

Sorry, I forgot to mention that this platform has a paid cost.

My real intention was to give some examples of projects to inspire you.

I found this one

I hope this help


Thanks so much, Elirod! I’ll check this one out!

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You welcome