Projects and problems regarding Linear and Logistic regression

I am new to the machine learning and noncomputer science background. I completed first course of machine learning in Coursera platform and want to do some practical projects and problems in those topics. please provide any projects in linear and logistic regression. As a newcomer, any suggestions to learn machine learning.

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As a beginner, you can always practice on Kaggle datasets to improve your coding skills. For instance, check out this list of 200+ datasets, on which AI practitioners have trained models using Logistic Regression. You can choose any of them to test your skills. A similar search on the web can help you to find datasets on which you can train models using Linear Regression.

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One useful source for labeled datasets is the “UCI Machine Learning Repository”.

UCI refers to the University of California at Irvine.

Hello Padmanabham,

A very similar question from a pretty similar background. If you are from nonIT science background just like me, and looking more for statistical analysis related projects, I would advise you to go with Deep Learning AI specialisation first where at the beginning you might feel a tough course but eventually catchup if you are good at maths(calculus) a bit. I am Dentist. So I completed this course, then followed by TensorFlow course which helps you understand the neural networking in more simpler way, then you can prefer to choose your area of expertise. Like I am going to do AI for Medicine. If you are particularly looking only for linear or logistic regression related projects other than AI, then I would surely suggest you to do Statistics with SAS but on the Coursera platform. The instructor on that course has really explained each and every concept more thoroughly with examples.

Hope this helps!!!