I'm searching a mentor

Hello, everybody! I’m searching a mentor who can advice me

  • which data set and which platform is better to start with in practicing in applying linear and logistic regressions

Hello @VeronikaS,

You are welcomed to just ask your questions here and all of our mentors can read your posts! This is how this place works. You ask questions with enough details for the others to understand it, and then mentors and fellow learners can read it and perhaps give their responses.

The MLS uses coursera’s jupyter platform for all the labs and assignments. So I would suggest you to also use it. If you want to setup a jupyter environment on your machine, you may search for “How to install jupyter lab on XXX” for some instructions. There should be plenty of them and you only need to replace “XXX” with either Windows 10 or Ubuntu or Mac or whatever OS you are using.

As for dataset, I would suggest starting with something handy, so please go to this page, and then you will see a list of datasets available for you to choose from,

and it also states whether it’s for a classification problem or a regression problem. If you want to practice for linear regression, then go for a regression dataset. If you want to practice for logistic regression, then click into a classification dataset and pick the one that says the number of classes is 2. For example, this one:


Note that the “Classes” is 2, which means the number of classes is 2.

Then scroll down the page, and you will see example codes that you can use to load the dataset:


Of course, to access these datasets, you will need to install the package called “scikit-learn”. If you are using coursera’s jupyter environment, then you won’t need to install yourself because it has been pre-installed. But if you are working on your own computer, then you need to and you should install it anyway, because it is one of the most popular data science package that you will come across sooner or later.

To find the instruction of how to install “scikit-learn”, again, please try to google for it because we all need to be able to search useful information to keep ourselves moving on.

Good luck, and cheers,

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Thank you a lot, Raymond! Your answer was very important for me!