Unknown about dataset(C1_W2_Linear_Regression)

I’m confused about which dataset should I load

Hello @Shankalpa_Pokharel,

Welcome to the community! You only need to run the code cell that you showed in the screenshot, and the needed data will be loaded for you. After running the code cell, the variables x_train and y_train will contain the needed data.


Hi . i ru the code and didnt work

and its my first and i confused about it

Hi @Abdullah_ou,

First, you need to identify what the question(s) are before others can give you some suggestions.

Is it that you are not familiar with Python? In this situation, you may want to take a break from MLS and enroll in a Python course so that you may at least understand the fundamentals well enough to understand how the code manages the variables when you read the MLS lab or assignment notebooks.

Is there any machine learning concept that you are not clear about? If so, kindly create a new topic, specify the subject that is unclear, and let us know the course material you used to encounter it, such as course X week Y video ZZZ. To assist us better match our responses, it would be even great if you could explain how you understand your query.

Is it that you are clear about the concept but you don’t know how to translate the concept into Python code? You can get assistance with this from the assignment’s tips and the optional labs. In optional labs, there would be some text explanation above some major code cell to discuss what would be implemented in the code cell. You have a great opportunity to see if you can still follow the material; if so, you have understood the concept and may move on; if not, you may need to rewatch the professor’s videos or ask a specific question here, as I mentioned in the previous section. Assuming you can understand the written instructions, examine the Python code and see how each step matches to the written instructions (including the equations there). You can use this opportunity to learn how to convert concepts into code. Open a new code cell and try to duplicate the code once you have finished understanding it to see how far you can get. In time and with practice, you will be able to perform at 100%, so don’t worry if you can’t now.

Is it that you are pretty confident about your code but somehow the notebook gives you a specific error message? Indentation is one of the most typical issues, in my experience. If your indentation is incorrect in Python, it’s highly probable that your code won’t run as you had hoped. What’s worse, it doesn’t always throw an error message to alert you to potential indentation errors. Because of this, it’s not unusual to find that the code executes flawlessly but that the outcome is unexpected. If so, you can read my indentation guide and then go back to your code to make sure the indentation is correct. For instance, we typically only need to add the bias term once to our linear model. However, if you place the code for adding the bias term inside the for-loop that loops over the number of features, you will end up adding the bias term many more times. In this case, you won’t receive an error message, but the function won’t be able to calculate the correct answer. Please check for indentation problems as they are rather typical. Last but not least, if you believe your indentation and the rest of your code are fine but you still experience a problem, kindly create a new thread in the appropriate course and week category, describe the issue, and upload a screenshot or text copy of the error message that leads you to believe your code is in error. Please don’t divulge your assignment code to the public, though.

Concerning the four questions I just listed: Python, concepts, coding, and debugging. The time has come for you to start taking care of whatever issues you are unclear of because doing so will assist you navigate the rest of this MLS. Next time, post your exact query in a new topic. :slight_smile: