Further practice of the code

Can anyone tell me some resources where i can practice the logic taught in form of code, and if possible kindly provide some projects idea based on this course to implement

There are many sources of datasets for free online. You can use these to practice your skills.

The “UCI Machine Learning Repository” is one such.

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can you suggest some ide ,shall i go with jupyter notebook itself?

I recommend you use Colab, it is based on Jupyter. It’s ready to run as-is.

Installing your own IDE for local use can be very confusing.

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I highly recomend to go to kaggle and start playing on there, this playground series is a begineer friendly: Multi-Class Prediction of Cirrhosis Outcomes | Kaggle competition that you can use to get started using the exact same code as the one you learn in your course, it might need a few adjustment based on the dataset but you can always ask here or ChatGPT if you get stuck. At some point you will have to try on your local machine so you have an idea on the steps needed to work in a real setting.

I hope this helps!

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