Build ML model

HI I am learning the ML for past 1 months. So now I need to do some practice to make an model my self.So How can I do some practice to make a ML model myself?
I look for a some practice material for beginner to do some practice and make my model myself.
Please give some suggestion for material and how can I start to practice.

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The easiest way to start creating your own model is to modify an existing notebook so that it uses a different set of data.

Hi @Jenil_g, welcome to the community.

I would say come up with problems you want to/can solve that would require implementing the models you learn in the courses. They don’t have to be complex problems, they could be super simple. The aim is to practice building.

You can check out Kaggle. They have a ton of free models, datasets and challenges you could use to practice. They even have competitions you could participate in.


I agree that Kaggle is a good option.

In addition, if you need some free sources of datasets, I have used the “UCI Machine Learning Repository”.

You can download labeled sets of data, and create your own models from them, using methods you will learn in the MLS course.

Google Colab is one place you can do your own ML experiments.

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