Prompt Engineering In WordPress

Hi Everyone!

I need to know If there are guys in our community working on Prompt Engineering specifically chatbot integration in WordPress CMS. I would like to collaborate on this kind of project & contribute to betterment.

Thanks & Regards
Asaad Qamar


Hi, I’m a WP developer. I would be interested in collaborating. What type of chatbot do you want to build?

@micposso Thanks for your interest,

It would be a kind of learning project where we will be created a chatbot that can respond as we have seen in course chatbot lectures, but It will be for a tours company where we will give an option for selecting a city and then tour in that city, and if have time we will also redirect to cart or checkout page as well.

That’s a broad idea, of course, it will be improvised later on.

Thanks & Regards

Sounds interesting. Are you thinking something like WordPress plugin?

@takashisendo Yes

Yes same doubt here

Yeah, I’m thinking it as a WordPress plugin, bcz we don’t have any other option

Hey friend can you guide me some tips for a roadmap to make api i can’t understand it

WordPress has prebuilt rest APIs, you can use that. no need to create new one

What are these rest api friend

Pre-build APIs offered by WordPress. You can see on WordPress Rest API documentation(search on google).