Python and Jupyter notebooks not loading

Hi all,

I was looking and none of the labs are working, it is pitty, I’m considering move to another platform, once none of the labs are working, it seems to be wasting of time investing in the next weeks.

This is issues for Lab for the week 1.

We’re having trouble preparing your lab

Hit refresh to try again and make sure you’re logged into Coursera

It didn’t work in a different browser, cleaning cache…

Any workaround or suggestion to make it work?

Thanks in advance,

Same problem here…

Thanks for sharing Nicolas.

Seems that nobody is giving real attention to it. Very disappointed about it. I also looked at DeepLearning.AI community we have colleagues with the same issues in all weeks, not only on week 1. I checked the week 3 lab is failing as well. I’m considering cancelling my subscription due this, seems that I’m not going to be able to get the hand-ons experience.

This is very frustrating indeed. In my case, the problem occurs only for the Week 3 practice Lab, which is mandatory to pass… I hope someone at Coursera can fix this quickly.

Hi all,

Kindly follow this post for updates regarding this issue.