Python Coding question

Hi there, I finished the first course and did not find the codes were difficult.

I am currently taking the second course of machine learning specification and in week 1.

I find the codes a bit difficult for me.

Should I understand all the codes and then proceed? or should I only understand the codes tested in the assignments and ignore the rest of the codes in the context?


HI @Nick_Han

I think that you should understand most of the written code to be able to modify it when you start your project from scratch… If you have some another experience in another programming language like C++ or java or any other language in this case you have a good base of the concepts of OOP, and Data structure so you will find a bit difficult in the first use of python language also you can read or doing more projects in ML it will enhance you knowledge in python…but if you don’t have any experience in any programming languages it will be more difficult to understand code as it may take time to understand the code but you can do it

MY advice is take a course in python language for ai or read pythons programming language books parallel with this specialization …also if you didn’t want to take programming language… please feel free to ask any questions about code you confused about it


Thank you Abdelrahman.

I do have some experience with python but only limited to the office automation level. The coding structure is easy to understand. However, when it is mixed with matrices, it is getting a bit complex.

In the first course, I had difficulty in translating mathematics into python codes. After a few practices, I gradually grasped the approaches to do it. It is still not perfect now. I am still trying more projects to get fully comfortable with this.

As you said, I may need to practice more ML projects to understand the codes better.

Happy new year and thanks for your quick response!