Question about collecting the Data

I am thinking about creating a Diabetes Retinopathy Detection project for my final-year project. Can anyone guide me how do I collect the real time data as my professor is concerned with the data collection.

I am from India. Peeps please help me ! or any other alternative topic or project I should be going with?

@akanksha004 well, this could be a potentially complicated issue. I would suggest you first look up any relevant medical privacy issues in your area of India as I am not aware of what they might be.

Perhaps @Deepti_Prasad knows more about this ? I know she is in the medical field.

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I recommend you spend some time looking for existing datasets - because collecting your own data is an entire task all its own.

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Hi @akanksha004

You can find help from a learner who is also working on a similar project. I am sending you a link of his post :point_down:t2: You can ask him from where he found the data for his project.

But in case you are particular about getting real time data this would require you to find yourself from Web. I had long back found some project related to diabetic retinopathy on Kaggle, probably search there and accessing data is now public there due to recent update by kaggle, so that is also a good place to do some digging.

in case you don’t find any of these, let me know!!


Okay ma’am. I’ll surely let you know about that! Thankyou for your guidance :slight_smile:

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thank you @Nevermnd for tagging so a learner could be helped. appreciate :+1:t2: