Question about Exercise 1

what the problem here?

There are quite a few problems.
All of the code I have marked with red x-es does not belong there at that place in the notebook.


  • Do not add any cells.
  • Do not copy code from other cells and copy it in somewhere else. That is not necessary, and it will really confuse the grader.
  • Only add code where it says “START CODE HERE”, and only add the code that the instructions specifically mention.

I do all thing you tell me and still gave me 0!

I found those errors from looking at the small piece of your notebook that was visible in the image you posted.

I think it likely the rest of your notebook could contain similar errors.

Please do not post your code on the forum, that’s not allowed by the Code of Conduct.

i do all passible solution and gave me 0 only in this exercise , what should i do?

I’ll post updates after I review your code.

Check your private messages for instructions.

Update for those who find this thread later:

Do not add any extra code to your notebook. Only add the bare minimum needed to replace the “None” statements.

Don’t copy and duplicate any code from other places in the notebook, don’t add extra import statements, etc. None of that is necessary, and it will make the grader very unhappy.