C1 W2: Errors in Programming Assignment: System of Linear Equations

This is my first graded assignment. I am not sure where I went wrong. There is this error about function types from exercise 3 onward. I have manually checked for the types. Do let me know where I went wrong. I don’t know if am allowed to upload the whole notebook.


Thank you.

Could be several different causes.

First, did you complete the entire assignment before you submitted it for grading?

yes. Can I share the notebook over here?

No, sharing your notebook on the forum is not allowed.

Does your notebook pass all of the tests and throw no error messages?

Note that you cannot submit a partially completed notebook. That will make the grader unhappy.

sure. But what is wrong with the function type?

If you left any of the “None” statements in the notebook, the grader will throw unexpected errors.

That’s where the errors about “NoneType” come from.

Is there any way to reset the notebook? And notebook passed all the tests. Without any error message.

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That’s not necessarily the part of the notebook where the problem lies. Any issues later in the notebook could easily make the grader complain about Exercise 3. It has to do with the method the grader uses for preparing your notebook for grading.

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