C2_W2_Assignment Submission Error

  • Week #: 2

  • Link to the classroom item you are referring to here

  • Issue: When I try and submit my assignment I get the error:
    There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details: object of type 'NoneType' has no len()
    Even though I am sure the answers are right as all tests passed.

Have you changed the name of the notebook (for example, did you save a new copy with a different file name)?

Also, be sure you complete the entire notebook before submitting it for grading.

No, I have not changed anything in the course lab. Also I have completed all of them before submitting.

Problem is, the error does not make any sense, it does not even specify which part threw the error.

The grader’s error messages are less than helpful.

More specifically, what is the name of your notebook file? Please post a screen capture image that shows this.

The error says that somewhere in your code, you have a variable that is set to the “None” value.

Thanks for your help thus far, please check the ss attached.

When something in your code makes the grader crash (like the runtime error due to the “NoneType”), it uses the same error message on every exercise in the assignment. So you can’t use those error messages to tell you where the problem is.

Search the entire notebook and look for any “None” text.