Question about the deeplearning platform

what is the source of the transcript? does the instructor input the actual text content of the lesson or is there automation generating the transcript from the video/audio? the transcript in this learning platform is so much better than the transcript on the coursera platform. but I was wondering, is any AI being used to create the transcript here? I’m not that familiar with speech to text models

I believe Coursera generates the transcripts automatically using a voice to text tool. In years past they used a team of community volunteers.

I don’t know whether DLAI does their own transcripts.

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If I’m not mistaken, in the past the creation of the transcript was a voluntary work of the participants, but now I also think it is done automatically - especially since Coursera offers at least two courses on the subject:

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Hi @lizardwalk5,

AI is used for the first draft of the transcript, and then manual edits are done afterwards.

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